Winning Technologies  


Winncom Technologies LLP (Kazakhstan) � Corporate Profile

Business Name: Winncom Technologies

Business Address (HQ Almaty): 20Kazybek-bi Str., Office 102, Arai Business Center, Almaty, 050010, Kazakhstan

Business Address (Nur-Sultan) 1 Jenis avenue, Office 57, Arman Business Centre, Nur-Sultan, 010000, Kazakhstan


Tel: +7 (727) 318-75-17

Purpose: To be a leader of system integration in Kazakhstan IT&Telecom industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability

Goal: to maintain 20-30% business growth YtY  till 2025.

Vision: To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our customers

Mission statement: To build long term relationships with our customers and clients, keeping in mind that IT is a business capability feature and not a business core itself. Winncom is ready to help customers in reaching their outcomes via IT in the most effective and secure way.

Core values:

We treat out staff as team members but not human resources. The company values and promotes loyalty amidst our teams.

We strongly believe in technical solutions we sell. If we are not sure that solution will work properly � we will not sell it�

� but we are open to joint technical experiments with a customer, not on the customer.

We are honest with a customer, if there are rocks underwater of any kind � the customer will know about it first.

We do not work with non-compliant and non-ethical companies no matter what profit is here.

Key partner vendors: Cisco, AppDynamics (part of Cisco), DellEMC. Total partner vendors number is 30+

Range of services: Winncom could be a one-stop-shop for its customers, offering its own comprehensive service range on all the deals� stages � pre-sale, implementation, expansion and renewal.

Every third person in the company is an engineer, this rich expertise, and strong connection with Winncom�s competence centers in other countries gives the company opportunity to run the projects of any complexity.

Winncom Advanced Technical Service and Winncom Support Service could work both back-to-back with vendor support and as a full-range standalone service.